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Oakland Marionette Magic

Greetings to all bats, cats, witches, ghouls, and human families! And welcome to Larry Schmidt's Driveway Follies.

Driveway Follies provides professionally staged and family-friendly Halloween  performances each year in Oakland.  

Beginning in 2007 with just three puppeteers performing a three act show, Driveway Follies has expanded to a crew of eight puppeteers performing five acts over three nights.  The repertoire celebrates and illustrates historic and cultural aspects of Halloween, some with an educational twist.  Since inception, a diverse audience of over 10,000 Halloween revelers has enjoyed the performances.

In a time of computer generated entertainment, Driveway Follies offers a rare opportunity to see the nearly lost art of marionette puppetry in an intimate setting.  

Our 2024 shows are scheduled for October 30 and 31, 2024 starting at dusk;  Of course our crystal ball is still tuned-in to safety recommendations and we're requiring that everyone include a CDC-approved mask in their costume and stays home if they don't feel well. Lets keep the Follies fun and safe for everyone.


Happy Halloween to you, and you and you, to you, and you, to one and all of you! 

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